Council approves allowing fees for sports field use by associations

Dec. 03, 2019 Forney City Council met to consider sports associations Field Use Agreements, a logo in the street and appraisal district appointment.

FISD sees 20,000 students on horizon

Dec. 02, 2019 Forney ISD Board met for live recital and to recognize contest winners, receive 120th year resolution, hear demographer, TASB and planning updates,

Latest News and Events

Forney EDC grants incentive to new downtown gym

FEDC held a special July 20, 2017 meeting to amend facade grant on Broad, and approve redevelopment grant for a gym in downtown.

Council does not reconsider Markout decision

July 06, 2017 City Council listened to the public ask for reconsideration of the Markout maintenance termination, the Mayor stated he believed there had been an illegal executive session, and no action was taken to reconsider. They also approved a subdivision near 460 & 740.

P&Z approves subdivision, FBC expansion

July 5 Forney P&Z approves new subdivision S. of Ridgecrest, expansion plans for First Baptist, and expansion of Whaley Drive (at the new fire station)

Council re-terminates Markout Service Agreement

During a special meeting on June 26, 2017, the Forney City Council convened for about 2 minutes to again approve terminating the Service and Maintenance agreement with Markout WSC. After adjournment, the sizeable assembled crowd expressed displeasure with the decision.

Council approves payment to HP 548, PCA project, hears from Markout

City Council June 20, 2017 approved $250k payment to HP Forney 548 Partners, LP., approved joining the Positive Coaching Alliance, appointed volunteer board members, heard from several Markout customers and Grayhawk residents.

Animal Shelter Cmte gets walk-through of new facility

On July 19, 2017, the Forney Animal Shelter Advisory Committee and shelter volunteers met at the new facility for a walk-through. The building should be finished and open mid-July.

Forney EDC awards grants to ABS, Bush's Chicken

On June 08, 2017 the FEDC approved a grant for 325 S. Bois d'Arc and incentive for Bush's Chicken.

City Council terminates Markout maintenance contract

Forney City Council proclaims 4T's day, approved new A/V for municipal court, votes 4-3 to end Markout maintenance agreement.

Board of Adjustments approves Main St., denies Murphy Oil

Forney Board of Adjustments June 5 meeting approved facade design for Main St. renovation, denied revised signage request for Murphy Oil.

P&Z approved new ANB location, denies rental truck request

During its regular June 01, 2017 meeting, the P&Z denied a request for rental trucks to be added at a golf cart dealer, tabled a procedural change, approved a new office building and a prelim. plat out FM 741.

Council upholds P&Z denial of amenity center downsizing

During its regular May 16, 2017 meeting, the Forney City Council met and (this is the preliminary report, subject to change):

FEDC holds HOT funds class, approves settlement

May 11, 2017 meeting held workshop for H.O.T. fund applicants, briefed on FM548 traffic study, approved grant on Pacific, approved settlement w/ 548 Partners.

Board of Adjustments debates Racetrac, Murphy's

Convening after a 9 month recess, the board debated with Racetrac, then approved 2 requests, and debated with Murphy's who will return with new plans.

2017 May 06 Forney Election Results

Forney voters have selected Shaun Myers (53%) and Kevin Moon (63%), WMF residents voted down all 3 propositions.

P&Z approves Wellington Ridge, denies Gateway Parks

Forney P&Z wrestled a probable amenity center for the Wellington Ridge PD, met with attorney, then denied the Gateway Parks request to reduce the size of the amenity center by 66%.

City Council approves joining utility rate committees

During its regular May 02, 2017 meeting, the Forney City Council met and (this is the preliminary report, subject to change):

Forney Parks Board has an informative meeting

During its regular Apr. 19, 2017 meeting, the Forney City Parks Board met and (this is the preliminary report, subject to change):

City Council approves Racetrac, subdivs, appoints folks to new board

Forney City Council Apr. 18 approved the Racetrac project, several other new businesses, Fox Hollow changes, and appoints people to new Community Improvement Committee.

FEDC moves forward w/ Crumbzz building sale

Forney EDC approves $87k incentive to Racetrak, revelopment grant for 501 E. Main, soon to be Phillips Electric, and moves forward with sale of 212 S. Bois D'arc, the Crumbzz building.

Forney HOZ ARB approves porch addition

After a brief discussion, the board approved a porch design for 109 E. Church.