Park Board approves art project at Caboose Park

During its Sep. 21, 2016 meeting, the Forney Park Board met and (this is a preliminary report, subject to revision):

  • After a presentation by Lori Pierce from the Forney Arts Council, the board approved the project. The FAC will fund the project from HOT funds and proceeds from their upcoming gala, and they will pay for the entire project, except maybe for providing electricity for lighting, if the artist can make it a lighted project. It will consist of hollowed-out railroad ties filled with layered colored glass. There was discussion about chemicals in the ties - Mr. Curry said as they are used ties, the active ingredients would have already leached out.

  • Mr. Curry explained the new agenda posting procedure, which now requires approval by the city manager, and posting the agenda at the park department building, instead of at city hall, as advised by the city attorney. He also said their weekly reports include much more data, have gone from 1 to 14 pages.
    There was discussion about the safety of Mulberry fields 2 & 4 for practice use. Mr. Curry said he feels they are not safe, due to lighting issues, but council overrode him. The infield area is safe for younger teams, 7-8u.
Wednesday, 2016, September 21