P&Z denies rezoning, hears an upgrade idea for Main St

During its regular Aug. 03, 2017 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and (this is the preliminary report, subject to change):

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Denied an Ordinance for a change in zoning from SF-15 – Single-Family Residential-15 District and AG – Agricultural District to Planned Development District with base zoning districts designated as SF-8 – Single-Family Residential-8 District and O – Office District for 69.08 acres of land located north of U.S. Highway 80 and east of Lovers Lane.
      Mr. Morgan briefed the council: the area is currently zoned for 15k ft lots, this request is for slightly smaller base zoning SF-8 lot size (which was recently increased). Hotel and Motel uses are allowed in Office zoning, the office section would only connect to the access road. (detail to be added)
      Mr. Jeff Crannell spoke, they looked at many properties, staff told them up front small lots would be a problem, they feel SF-15 doesn't fit there. They met with neighbors, their concerns were traffic. This plan has numerous 10k lots, 4 acre park, 1 acre amenity center. He spoke about the TIA results, will have 1/2 mil sewer line put in, they know there is opposition, but this is best fit. Chmn. Wilcoxson asks about the drainage under hwy 80; Mr. Crannell said the water flow won't change. Mr. Wilkins mentions all the nearby streets are narrow, extra traffic will be a problem, do they plan to improve Lovers? Mr. Crannell said it will be up to study results & txdot. Mr. Carr asked if they would improve Lovers or any other side roads; they will if study shows it is required. Mr. Bowen asked if they considered larger that 8k; Mr. Crannell said sf15 would not justify bringing in sanitary sewer; sf10 might be viable. He says they will impact traffic, and has told neighbors that. Ms. Lemons asked about office space - they wanted to . Mr. Cunningham asks who owns the property - a school from W VA. HE looked at the traffic study, is more concerned about afternoon, bc is less access then, he believes Forney has enough small lot size product, when he drove Bowie today were 16 cars parked on street, it is effectively 1way st.
      David Rain from Skyline - he is HOA prez, rep 170 homeowners, which is more than would be allowed in proposed development. people desire to live where not overrun with traffic. sf15 would accommodate 120 homes, proposal is 220 homes, that 45% increase will affect Lovers, bowie, access rd. He worked with Chris Metz to get Lovers rebuilt, now working w/ Ron Sullivan; who will pay for repair and resurfacing Lovers? The TIA result states the local streets have ample capacity and result in no change. The developer is a 5 yr old company, he hopes the board would approve a longer established developer
      Alan McCuistion, lifelong resident, way overbuilt, too many starter home, but do have more restaurants, he would like to see it remain open space.
      Heather Traylor - her main concern is FISD can't build more schools, Forney needs to catch up with the growth, they are just shoving new homes in.
      Jim Thompson from skyline, agrees with prev speakers, left Mesquite in 98, one of original homes, surrounded by smaller lots, don't need smaller homes, he spoke about the one-way access road.
      Patrick Smith, 10 yrs ago Forney was quiet, comparisons to Mesquite are accurate, quality of life has gone down, everyone knows about the death ramp to get on hwy 80, if add 400 cars it will be worse. Took forever to get Lovers fixed, its narrow, everyone drives down the middle, he doesn't want a motel near his house.
      Jacob Growins here 25 yrs, he references the comp plan: putting in starter homes can't raise property values, won't maintain the "small town heritage".
      Rachal Hannah, lived here all life, no hay fields any more, can't put $ over quality of life, worried about traffic on brazos, it's not safe on the streets now, worried about FISD class size,
      Dianna Parnell, agrees with prev, congestion is already bad, the only option for these people to come to town is through their neighborhood.
      Amy Patterson, people aren't just going to hop on 80, this development would share their back yard, who would pay for fencing? Forney is in no college districts, could be used for students or a senior center. When ambulance comes, it blocks the street. Would prefer to find a way to serve more citizens.
      Julie Sanders-Young, most of her neighbord don't want this, especially a hotel
      Mr. Carr said developer was trying to maintain value, this is one of prettiest areas in the area, . Mr. Brooks said not just adding 400 cars, also 600 from the development last month. Mr. Wilkins was on PZ 14 yrs, orig zoned sf15 bc don't want smaller homes. Dave Yandell had proposed something similar, told him know. Would like to see a developer offer build larger. Developers don't protect stuff, citing trees taken out in Skyline.
      Mr. Wilkins moves to deny, Mr. Carr 2nd, unanimous approval of denial.
    • Approved (with one nay from Mr. Bowen) an Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 1175, by amending the Planned Development Conditions and the Concept Plan to allow for the development of an Amenity Center in the Park Trails Planned Development.
      Mr. Morgan says there was a meeting re: removal of playground area, due to ordinance changes this request
      (there was a long discussion about shrinkage of the amenity center, sidewalks, and Longhorn lane, details to follow)
    • Approved an Ordinance amending the Forney Marketplace Planned Development, Ordinance No. 11-15, by amending the Planned Development Conditions and the Concept Plan to allow for a larger building size on Lot 3.
      Mr. Morgan shows the request is to change the building size from 6500 to 12,000.
      There was no public input.
      Mr. Cunningham asks if Kroger owns the property - Forney marketplace llc. Mr. Brooks asks about parking spaces, shows enough for retail, but not restaurant. Mr. Morgan said it depends on how they split up the building, would be required during site plan submittal.
      Applicant says expect 50% retail & restaurant. Ms. Lemons asks if they have to approve restaurant type; Mr. Morgan says it is an approved use, staff will approve details. Mr. Morgan pointed out the request is for a maximum size, they may have to adjust it for parking.

  • Approved a final plat for Windmill Farms Phase 4A & 4B, a residential subdivision located south of Falcon Way, between Irongate Boulevard and Windmill Farms Boulevard in the ETJ.
    Mr. Morgan spoke about the developer agreement, which allows up to 8k homes, records of 15 phases (including this one) , still have 997 lots that could be 6-7.2k, so they are still within the agreement. Staff finds it all in compliance.
  • Approved a preliminary plat for Lots 1 & 2, Block A, Forney Campus Addition, located north of F.M. 741 and west of Monitor Boulevard.
    Mr. Morgan briefed council, staff recommends approval.
    Mr. Carr asks if the drawing shows an easement or a road - it is a fire lane. The applicant was asked to line the driveway up with the light; they did not, possibly due to finances. Applicant says the traffic study did not call for that, and it would have cost $280,000.
  • Approved a final plat for Lots 1 & 2, Block A, Forney Campus Addition, located north of F.M. 741 and west of Monitor Boulevard.
  • Approved a site plan for Murphy Oil USA, located at the northeast corner of the U.S. Highway 80 service road and N. F.M. 548.
    Mr. Morgan says they plan to demo the current site, build new one, primarily to have a 1200 sq ft convenience store. Staff does recommend approval, staff discussed the entrances off access road, but murphy does not own that property. Chmn. Wilcoxson asks about the mudhole at Walmart entrance - Mr. Morgan says that is Walmart property.
    Applicant says they will close about 4 months, there are only 8 pumps, everything will be removed, including tanks and paving. Ms. Lemons asks about the driveway next to Chilis - Mr. Morgan says it is Walmart property, thoroughfare study is looking at that. Mr. Carr asks about new tank location, and how the tanker trucks will get in; applicant said they will provide staff a truck plan. The sidewalk will be replaced and will have a ramp for ADA.
  • Approved rescheduling the November 2, 2017, Planning and Zoning Commission meeting to November 9, 2017.
    Mr. Morgan said staff would like to attend a meeting in Frisco.
  • Discuss the proposed development of property located on E. Main Street, east of Chestnut Street.
    Mr. Ketteman said this is diagonal from Booker T. FEDC listed the property for some time, had a couple tire-kickers, EDC has discussed this in exec session.
    Mr. Terry Moore told how this project came about, similar in style to Swiss Ave. in Dallas. They will need waivers for building materials, they would like to extend this down Main st, like to have this a true Victorian era style. Mr. Ketteman stated they would not move in old homes, they would be new construction.
    (details to follow)
  • Adjourned at 2102
Thursday, 2017, August 3