Park Board continues with Positive Coaching Alliance

During its regular Aug. 16, 2017 meeting, the Forney City Park Board met and in summary:

  • Approved staff contacting associations and reporting council re: FISD/City of Forney partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance as it pertains to Forney youth sports associations.
    Mr. Curry briefed the board: months ago, Park Board approved this item, city council approved it with comment that the board get feedback from the youth associations. He said the financial impact is minimal ($5k) and the funds are in the budget. Representatives from 3 youth associations were present, they approved of the training, but were unsure they could require coaches to attend, sometimes have trouble getting enough coaches. There was discussion about the possibility of having someone in Forney being qualified to hold the seminars. Generally, the rep's agreed with the program. Mr. Curry will contact the associations not present.
  • Approved forming a Pinson Farm planning committee consisting of 2 board members, 2 FHPL members, 3 citizen members (who have to live in the city limits).
    Mr. Curry spoke about the farm, 16 acres with 1925 farm house, has a plaque for being a 100-yr working farm, staff has had many contacts from citizens about it being a heritage park or having ball fields. They will have to change the budget to stabilize the buildings. He presented a slide show, done by a summer intern, about area heritage parks, what activities they had, what fees were charged.
  • Mr. Curry reported Soccer Assoc. is changing to smaller fields; the summer has been extremely rough due to vandalism, have met with police chief, they have pledged to start a zero-tolerance policy in the park - all the parks.
  • Ms. Beasley spoke about upcoming events - lion's club, trail of treats (which they will have walking entertainment for people in line), movies in the park. All events have specific committees. Staff is condensing their social media so that citizens will only have one page to check. People will not have to re-like the pages.
    Mr. Curry mentioned the unity parade - said the city taking flak about not being involved, they did look at alternate routes, and are prepared to have a parade if given enough notice to notify TxDOT. He said he understands the Lion's club decided to not do the parade, due to construction. They reviewed a proposed route from a citizen that ran though McKellar, having semi's with floats going through residential will not work. They were made aware the downtown construction was going faster, and it is an approved route, but the new design for downtown is not friendly for big trucks, especially at Main and Bois d'arc, and they've been told the FISD wants a new parade route. Staff has considered Broad St. but there is no place for staging. Mr. Curry feels sure the parade(s) will happen. Ms. Beasley said the North Forney parade is taking registrations. They discussed using 740 & 741, or going through the park.
  • Adjourned at 8:15.
Wednesday, 2017, August 16