Board does not approve electronic sign at park

During its Feb. 19, 2018 meeting, the Forney Board of Adjustments met and in summary:

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a variance to the front setback requirement for a residential home 8020 Privet Street, located in the ETJ.
      Mr. Dixon said normally this wouldn't be considered, but Windmill Farms has a developerment agreement, which includes 25 ft. setbacks. This home was constructed with a corner that is located 23.8 from the property line.
         Mr. Salgado verified the home was already built, and asked what would happen if variance was not granted - Mr. Dixon said the house would have to be modified.
         Mr. Watson VP of Hampton homes said it was an error the inspector and engineer missed, they didn't discover it until the foundation was poured and framing was underway.
         The board debated the requirements for granting a variance, considering whether granting a variance will affect the home owner later.
         There was no public input.
    • Tabled variances to Section 48 of the City of Forney Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, to allow a Changeable Electronic Variable Message Sign to be constructed at Forney Community Park, located at 241 S. F.M. 548.
         Mr. Dixon said this was discussed during HOT fund allocations, the sign will require variances for height (10 to 15 ft.) and width (18 to 22 ft.).
         Mr. VanHoozer asked why the designed a sign larger than allowed. Mr. Ingersoll said that was the size the park wanted; Mrs. Ingersoll said TxDOT says 26,000 people see the sign every day. It will not be used for commercial purposes.
         The board went through the conditions for a variance; there was great concern about setting a precedent for larger signs. The sign rep. said the sign is not as big as the request - sign sizes are calculated by "enveloping" a rectangle, which includes the base which says Community Park.
         Mr. Warren Castille said with the electronic sign, you would see fewer banners and plywood signs at this location.
         Mr. Ingersoll said this sign brought North & South Forney together.
         The discussion lasted almost an hour.

  • Adjourned at 1945.
Monday, 2018, February 19