P&Z - Gateway MF density and Diamond Creek lot sizes

During its regular Sep. 06, 2018 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and in summary:

  • Re: Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson - Mr. Morgan suggested nominating all persons, then vote on each nomination. Mike Thomas and Brigham Wilcoxson were nominated. City Attorney Mr. Thatcher said they should vote on first nomination, and if no majority then vote on the second. Four members (Chambers, Shimkus, Holler, Thomas) voted for Mike Thomas, making him the chairman.
        Chmn. Thomas nominated Mr. Wilcoxson as vice chair, he was unanimously approved.
        Chmn. Thomas reordered the meeting, holding public hearing first.
  • Held Public Hearings -

    • Approved an Ordinance amending the development standards and permitted uses of Ordinance No. 13-04 (which is the Petro-Hunt/Meadow Ridge/Gateway PD).
          Mr. Morgan explained the changes, which will allow higher cluster density, but still maintains 15 units / acre overall. Some changes will require council approval. They propose to lower Multi-Family (MF) to 3250, currently could do 5000. Also adding maximum of 650 MF in 2 year time, due to concerns they were planning to immediately build 5000 MF units. Staff received no public comment from published notices.
          Mr. Wilkins asked about the required playground - Mr. Morgan said that is existing language. Mr. Shimkus asked about reducing the MF units - Mr. Morgan said they could still do 5000 residential, only 3,250 MF. Chmn. Thomas asked how many units now - Mr. Morgan said about 960, each block has about 313. Mr. Wilcoxson asked how many more buildings; about 9? Mr. Chambers asked if any new requirements on buildings; Mr. Morgan said they would have to submit Traffic Impact Analysis.
          There was no public input.
    • Approved an amendment to the development standards and concept plan of Ordinance No. 1042, identified as the Diamond Creek East planned development, including a requirement for an amenity center.
          Mr. Morgan listed the proposed changes:reducing min lot sizes from 8,000 to 7,440; reducing average lot are from 9,300 to 7,440; increasing min lot width from 60 to 62 ft; increasing min home size from 1,600 to 1,800 sq. ft.; increasing lot coverage from 45% to 54%; dedication and maintenance of open space along FM 548; 6.1 acres of park land.
          Mr. Shimkus asked why they want to reduce lot sizes; Mr. Morgan said there was a redesign, and have to meet park-land dedication requirements, which is where some homes were planned. This change will allow them to add lots. Chmn. Thomas said it looks like just cleaning up things, home size will remain about the same, asking for more lot coverage. He asked about the HOA maintenance along 548 - Mr. Morgan said it would be the whole area. Chmn. Thomas asked about the park of 6.1 acres - he spoke w/ Mr. Curry about it, who is in agreement with this. Mr. Morgan confirmed park board approved it. Chmn. Thomas asked about amenity center - Mr. Morgan said they have submitted a plan showing one. Chmn. Thomas asked if applicant would approve adding that as a stipulation - they did. Mr. Chambers asked if this was for all Diamond Creek residents - yes.
          There was no public input.

  • Approved a preliminary plat for Meadow Ridge Farm Addition, Lot 1, Block A, located west of Reeder Lane and north of Whaley Drive.
        Mr. Dixon said this was to provide for a child-care center; prelim plat was approved by council, staff recommends approval.
  • Approved a final plat for Meadow Ridge Farm Addition, Lot 1, Block A.
  • Approved a site plan for the Overland Grove amenity center, located west of the intersection of Lemmon Lane and Vineyard Way.
        Mr. Morgan said it's required to develop during phase one, upon permitting of 30th home. Landscaping far exceeds requirements. Alternative materials are requested. Building official reviewed the product, considers it to be durable material and has no objection. Chmn. Thomas said it's a nice design, it's on the 548 side so many people will see it. Mr. Cunningham told Mr. Frank Murphy said he approved of future in/egress shown. How many home in phase 1 - about 330. He asked if they plan to build this amenity center when 10% homes built - Mr. Murphy said they would like to build it well before that. Mr. Chambers asked about a school site - Mr. Murphy said they have talked with FISD.
  • No action on removed item: a site plan for Forney Community Ministries, located northeast of the intersection of S Bois D'Arc St and College Street (documents show it would be past the FISD Admin parking lot).
  • Tabled a revised site plan for Windmill Farms Private School, located west of Windmill Farms Boulevard and north of Concord Drive, in the Forney ETJ.
        Mr. Morgan said the existing school is basically a child-care center; currently 7188 sq. ft expanding by 5272. They are also requesting alternative materials. Staff suggests, if approve the alternative, requiring more masonry on the N. side. Chmn. Thomas asks what percent masonry they will have; 15% on front, none on sides. Mr. Shimkus asked if original building meets requirements - no, Mr. Morgan suspects 75% , they do have wood siding, but no metal siding. Mr. Wilcoxson asks about percent brick on houses - staff doesn't have that info.
        Chmn. Thomas said being asked to not meet 90% requirements, and to use alternative materials. Mr. Morgan said asking for site plan, + alternative materials.
        Mr. Morgan said would be one motion, but they could stipulate certain masonry percentage. Mr. Shimkus asked about setback to nearby houses - 15' to property line. Mr. Cunningham asked if could be divided into two motions - Mr. Thatcher said there is only one action, they can add stipulations. Mr. Shimkus asked if they approve the plat could they build it - yes. Ms. Holler asked if they would have to return with plan - Mr. Thatcher said staff would be sure it met the stipulations. Mr. Wilkins said the building will be 20' tall - the other building looks great, it has a 8/12 pitch, this one has a 2/12, looks like a warehouse. Mr. Morgan said could table the item if board wants more information. Chmn. Thomas said this was originally the sales office that turned into day care. Mr. Cunningham moved to table the item so staff can talk to applicant.
  • Approved a site plan for Victorian Village on Main Street, located northeast of the intersection of E. Main Street and Chestnut Street.
        Mr. Dixon said this was to develop office building in the GR area. Materials will mostly be siding and brick, they are requesting alternative materials, staff recommends approval. Mr. Wilkins asked if it was all commercial, yes. Originally was to be mixed use. Mr. Cunningham asks about the vinyl fence being outside the front setback - Mr. Morgan said about 12 ft. Chmn. Thomas asks what the masonry percentage is - Mr. Morgan said it ranges from 55-70% siding, depending on the building and the side. Mr. Terry Moore said looking to maint Victorian look, hardy-board material, but all the trim and gingerbread will be wood. Mr. Moore said in that era building just had a brick skirt. They will be pier and beam with about 20" brick, porch posts be brick, porches will be wood. Mr. Wilcoxson asked about the wood items.
  • Adjourned at 1939.
Thursday, 2018, September 6