Parks Board again considers Eagle Ridge Ph. 4

During its regular Jan. 16, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Parks Board met and in summary: took fees for Eagle Ridge instead of park land, modified Facilities Use Agreement.

  • Public Communication
  • Sports Committee Communication
  • Park Land Dedication Compliance for The Eagle Ridge, Phase 4, Final Plat - Mr. Morgan briefed the board: the previous plat had a gas easement running through the homes, council + P&Z didn't like that. Now the gas line will be relocated along the property edge, similar to 2009 plat. He & Mr. Curry have surveyed the site, and have concerns. Having the easement in park land is not desirable, would prefer HOA take care of it. That would barely leave enough land to meet requirements. Mr. Curry verified all the park land is out of flood plain. Mr. Harrington said the pond area will be filled in. Access to the park area is a problem. Mr. Harrington said the previous park layout was two tracts. Atmos said some things may be placed on the easement, the developer is OK with maintaining the easement. Mr. Curry said the walking trail should have been 8 ft, is 5, it will have to be fixed as is part of master trail system. Mr. Curry said there's not enough width for anything more than picnic tables. Being along Ridgecrest is also a problem; this can only be green-space. He also had issues maintaining park land along peoples back fences. Developer said could put sidewalks on the easement.
        After discussion about fences, maintenance, lack of parking for the park area and access, board moved to accept fees in lieu.
  • Changes to the Facility Use Agreement for 2019 - lengthy discussions were held, consensus was: require 50% of team participants to live in the FISD area, charge $70 fee for non-youth groups, require youth organization officers to attend park board meetings.
  • Adjourned at 2100
Wednesday, 2019, January 16