Parks Board ponders Pickle-ball

During its regular Mar. 20, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Parks Board met and in summary:

  • Approved fees in lieu of park land dedication for the Avilla Oakridge residential development.
        Mr. Curry established that Avilla Oakridge is separate from Gateway, then relayed Mr. Morgans comments: development is between Gateway N. and Reeder. 209 units, multi-family, requires 3.27 acres land or $126k fees. Developer prefers to do fees, but in 2015 master plan stopped accepted less than 5 acres.
        Ms. Enloe asked about open space between units: about 30 ft, is gated community, private amenity and pool, with dog park. Each 1-story home, for rent, has a private yard with 8-10 ft back yard. One half of residents are 55+.
  • Approved amendment to Facilities Use Agreement regarding percentage of FISD residents required for practice reservation requests.
        A local coach spoke: because they accepted an unassigned player who is living elsewhere while home being built in Forney, they are 1 player under the 50% limit. After a lengthy discussion, the board approved an amendment.
  • Discussed Adult Pickle Ball Request - Mr. Cooper said Rockwall is building new courts just for pickle-ball. Mr. Curry has had interested citizens about 3 years. They might be able to stripe existing courts for this use.
  • Ms. Witt said held PCA workshops, about 60 coaches. Sports activities have started. Bell Park will have color added for Prom. Fields 5-8 have been top-dressed - they do 1/3 fields each year. Butterfly garden - original plants died, city replanted, girl scouts will provide a benches in May, staff has built foundation for them.
  • Adjourned at 1937
Wednesday, 2019, March 20