BoA considers sign variance

During its regular Mar. 26, 2019 meeting, the Forney Board of Adjustments met to consider Great Clips sign variance:

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a variance to the wall sign standards for the Great Clips wall sign at 485 Marketplace Boulevard, Suite 130, to be installed across two lease space facades.
          Mr. Morgan said this is in front of Kroger, this is next to Mod Pizza. Ordinance says each lease space must have it's own sign, can't be shared between spaces. Looking at the building, spaces may not have been aligned with wall features. Ordinance lists factors to consider, must agree with 3 of 4 to approve variance. Staff has no major opposition to request.
          Mr. Liaquat Jadun has this franchise for Great Clips said will bring employment for 10-12 people. He signed a 10-yr lease. Building design is odd, band specifically made for signs. They don't fit into the assigned space, he wants to follow the rules. Due to online checkins, it won't affect them much, but it won't look nice, will almost hit the building column. Landlord and Mod Pizza both agree the request is ok. .. asked about other tenants. Mr. asked about issues if Mod Pizza moved out, Mr. Morgan said ordinance will cover it. thomas asked if anything in writing from landlord; no.
          Board members agreed it wouldn't look right, were able to agree with 3 of the factors.

  • Adjourned at 1843
Tuesday, 2019, March 26