P&Z considers new Gateway project, Grayhawk, Lover's Landing

During its regular Apr. 04, 2019 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and approved new school site plans, approved Lover's Landing plat, approved Grayhawk Ph. 4 and Avilla development in Gateway PD.

  • Approved a revised site plan for Henderson Elementary School, located south of the intersection of Monitor Blvd and Farm-to-Market Road 1641.
        Mr. Dixon said the request is for an expansion of 12,392 sq. ft., existing parking will still meet requirements. Masonry varies from 79 to 90%, ordinance requires 90%, applicant requests a variance. Mr. Kip Jameson passed out packets, said all 3 are 10-classroom additions, which will serve as required storm shelter. The parapet cap is designed to tear away from the building during a tornado, shelter is good up to 250 mph F5. Shelters are large enough for the entire school popluation.
  • Approved a revised site plan for Crosby Elementary School, located west of the intersection of Overton Drive and Diamond Creek Drive.
        Mr. Dixon said this also being expanded by 12,392 sq. ft. requesting same variance.
  • Approved a revised site plan for Blackburn Elementary School, located southwest of the intersection of Irongate Blvd and Concord Drive in the City of Forney extra-territorial jurisdiction.
        Mr. Dixon said this also being expanded by 12,392 sq. ft., parking requirements will still be met, requesting same variance.
  • Approved a final plat for Lover's Landing, located north of U.S. Highway 80 and east of Lovers Lane.
        Mr. Dixon said the 69 acres will have 146 lots, ordinance requires minimum 17,000, average is 17,534; Parks Board recommended fees in lieu of land. City engineer reviewed traffic impact but that plat was denied, so applicant had to provide updated TIA, which he has received and sent to TxDOT.
        Mr. Cunninham asked about the TIA; Mr. Zook said it was complete and has been reviewed by City, is at TxDOT, but there are no impacts to Hwy 80. Mr. Cunningham asked if would be any surprises - no, not based on the plans. Mr. Cunningham said they need to have all the information to make a decision. Mr. Wilcoxson asked Mr. Morgan if there were any issues w/ TxDOT - Mr. Morgan said were no known issues, staff doesn't feel any concern. Ms. Holler asked if council could approve it w/o TIA - Mr. Morgan said yes, because city engineer has approved it. Mr. Wilkins asked about the commercial that was in earlier plat - Mr. Morgan said applicant did request commercial, it was denied. Mr. Wilkins said it was due to smaller lots. Mr. Morgan said they just went with the base zoning. Mr. Crannell stated the TxDOT issue: they did not connect to TxDOT for multiple reasons, so they have no jurisdiction. This final plat meets the preliminary, should not delay the item. Mr. Wilcoxson asked if Mr. Morgan could confirm that - yes.
  • Approved a preliminary plat for a residential subdivision identified as Grayhawk Addition, Phase Four.
        Mr. Morgan said this is the final phase, with 118 lots, original concept plan was in 2007. In 2015 it was amended to add more lots in front, that layout matches the request. Average lot areas were larger in phase 1, 2 & 3 smaller, in between, request is consistent with the PD.
  • Held Public Hearing -
    • Approved a request to amend the Meadow Ridge Planned Development to allow for amended residential standards for 18.3997 acres of property. The property is located north of N. Gateway Boulevard and south of Reeder Lane.
          Mr. Morgan said this was for a concept plan for single-story detached cottage-style homes, 60 1-bedroom units, 81 2-bedroom, 68 3-bedroom. It is similar to MF development, is gated, amenity center w/ pool, a main drive access to parking. High usage of fiber-board siding is allowed by PD, stucco has been removed as approved material. Staff took pictures at a like development in Plano.
          Mr. Griffis presented information about similar developments they did in Plano, in Northside, Grand Prairie. This is a "hybrid" housing option, for people who want a maintenance-free home. Rent ranges from $1225 to $1925 / month, with finance and background checks. Density is 11.9 units per acre. They will provide slightly more parking than required. The development has 37% open space on the interior, 50% overall (includes a dog park). Built-out value about $30 million, so they will pay $850k in taxes. Mr. Wilcoxson asked what the average rental costs are; Mr. Griffis said they are generally 12% higher than traditional MF, they use 3rd-party team that underwrites. Mr. Shimkus asked if this will affect the total MF unit count - yes, also the 2-year 600-unit cap. Mr. Wilcoxson asked about surrounding zoning - Mr. Morgan said 548 side is more MF, Hwy. 80 side is more mixed-use; Mr. Griffis said developer is looking for commercial near the round-about. Mr. Cunningham asked about surrounding property - Mr. Morgan said across the street ("North") is outside city limits, other MF is West, East is zoned mixed-use. Mr. Shimkus asked if they have room to expand - Mr. Griffis said typically will look for other sites. Ms. Holler asked if there would be playgrounds - Mr. Griffis said the open areas can be used for events. Back yards are about 10x25, up to 10x35. Ms. Holler likes having this option. Mr. Griffis said they attract empty-nesters and millenials. There are no HOA dues, is a $20/month trash and maintenance fee. Mr. Traylor asked how often they asses the property - they have weekly calls, visit about every 2.5 weeks. Mr. Wilkins asked about the siding - it is hardi-plank, they may add more brick or stone. An audience member asked about the maintenance process for back yards - staff will provide a notice before they come to mow.

  • Discuss the zoning use classification of auto repair and other similar uses.
        Mr. Morgan said staff has been reviewing, could be tightened up, currently allow repair in most non-residential districts. He has had some concerning requests about placement of heavy auto repair. The future land use map will also be looked at. Mr. Wilkins asked if that would tie into zoning - preferably.
  • Adjourned at 1855
Thursday, 2019, April 4