City relaxes alcohol restrictions for Special Events

During its regular June 04, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Council met and in summary: moved forward with parking lot near sub-courthouse, reduced restrictions for alcohol at special events. (watch official video)

  • Presentation by the Forney Independent School District - Dr. Terry addressed council about the #ForneyFamily idea, asking for their partnership.  He said Family isn't just the school district, it's the community, they want to focus on the positive things.  He provided T-shirts for council members.  Mayor Penn expressed her desire to have unity with council and FISD.  Council thanked him for coming.
  • Presentation by Nicole Roemer of Community Waste Disposal - 2018 Annual Review - she covered the situation with China, who used to take 10% of recyclable materials, now 0.5%.  Fiber prices have fallen from 65 to 23 per ton.  This does not change Forney recycling.  Incidents were up (to 20), which have been resolved.  Residents may call for hazardous waste and used electronics pickup, first Wednesday of each month.  They participated in FEF Golf Tournament, had recycle stations at BBQ cook-off, helped with Christmas event, are still donating paint.  They have added a cart-wash, residents can schedule online to power wash the cart, which is an additional cost of $21 for first cart, $19 for extras.  They have donated 2 recycled-material benches.  Mr. Thomas asked how citizens would know about these features - she said it's on their website, not sure about city site, cart wash is new.  Mr. Rouvaldt said it is on website, and promoted on social media.  Recycling calendar is in monthly newsletter.  Mayor Penn asked if the electronic pickup would replace the Green Events - yes.  Mr. Myers asked about the paint color - it's some form of beige.
  • Public Comment
    • Ms. Linda Gamble has questions about CWD - in past they had the green events, where could have shredding done - this is provided in other cities.  Cut Trees on curbside are not picked up regularly. She questioned the cost of cart cleaning.
    • Mr. John Daniels spoke stating he had a productive meeting with city officials today, he looks forward to working with them.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a Resolution approving a Local Agreement with the Kaufman County Criminal District Attorney Respecting Forfeited Contraband Under Chapter 59 Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.
    • a resolution authorizing the 60-day notice of termination of the services agreement with Brinson Benefits; authorizing the City Manager to execute an agreement with HUB International to provide employee benefit advisory/patient advocate services.
    • a resolution designating signatories to access a City of Forney safe deposit box located at American National Bank.
    • the acceptance of public improvements for Holiday Inn Express.

  • Approved a resolution to change signature cards for the American National Bank account.
        Ms. Woodham said this was due to election, to remove Mr. Wilson and add Ms. Penn.  Ms. Powers said wanted that clarified for the public.  She asked if any services were changing - no, but did add safety deposit box to save backups.
  • Vision 2025 -- Goals and Initiatives
        Mr. Carson said EDC working w/ Eric Davis Engineering to show how downtown expansion to Chestnut will look.  They are working on building assessment for staff space needs.  Mr. Moon asked if council could have workshop in Nov. - yes.
  • Approved a Resolution approving an Interlocal Agreement with Kaufman County for Downtown Public Parking adjacent to the Kaufman County Sub Courthouse located at 200 E. Main Street in Forney, Texas.
        Mr. Thatcher said this was essentially a lease agreement for property next to sub-courthouse, so the city may use the vacant lot for parking.  City will pay for materials, county will provide labor, it will add 74 spaces.  Initial term is 4 years.  Mr. Carson said county has approved it, once city approves it, can get started.  Mr. Myers asked to verify city not paying any money to 'lease' the property - correct, only paying for materials.  Mr. Carson said EDC will consider some funding for this.
  • Approved an Ordinance amending Chapter 1 and 4 of the City of Forney Code of Ordinances regarding the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages on certain defined park facilities and other areas within the City of Forney for special events purposes.
        Mr. Thatcher said looking to bolster events at Spellman Amphitheater and downtown - this will limit the alcohol prohibition regarding schools or churches.  Want to streamline the variance requirements for downtown, allowing city manger to grant variance for special events.   Mr. Thomas asked if would apply to city events only - Mr. Thatcher said no, applies to all special events (which require application and approval).
  • Approved cancelling the July 2, 2019, regularly scheduled meeting of the City Council.
        Mr. Carson understands this has been done in the past.
  • City Manager's report - w/ TX A&M hosting grow your own vegetables class, 6-8pm, free; movies & music in park return with internet sensation Nick and the Groove, all-age cover band; FAC 3rd wine-walk this sat, live music; thanked Mr. Curry for filling in.  Mr. Johnson thanked Mr. Carson for getting medians taken care of, but at 548 & 741 workers had no traffic control and were stepping into lanes.  Mr. Myers asked if still a struggle to get contractor to do the work - yes; Ms. Woodham is putting together a bid for services.  Mayor Penn wants to form 2 committees - Forney future, and city should have a wall of honor like FISD has.  Mr. Carson suggested appointing council members to work with staff.
  • Council Comments - said BBQ & music were outstanding; Mr. Myers agreed, also judged at the event; Ms. Powers said were without power 45 min during last storm; Mr. Moon said events in park are worth attending; Mr. Johnson said good to see depts working together for the BBQ event; Mayor Penn said the concert was really good.
  • Held a 64-minute executive session re:

    • Reinvestment Zone Number One, City of Forney
    • Project Hans Solo
    • Project Downtown
    • Project Rodeo
    • Project area Kroger South
    • Project area FM 741 and FM 548
    • Project area SE Hwy 80 and FM 548
    • ICSC

  • Adjourned at 2029.
  • Lt. Todd Eudy was present, and after meeting was congratulated by council for being named Acting Police Chief. Chief Rob Sherwin has resigned, effective June 28.
Tuesday, 2019, June 4