TxDOT public hearing for 548 widening

    On May 28, 2019 TxDOT held its second public hearing for the widening of FM 548 from Hwy 80 to Hwy 205.Watch Video

    Existing roadway with 11-ft wide lanes is inadequate for traffic volumes. Segment 1 will expand the 2 lanes to 6 lane divided, from North of Hwy 80 to Windmill Farms Blvd. The lanes will be 11-ft inside lanes plus 14-ft outside shared-use lane, with curbs and 6-ft wide sidewalks.
    Segment 2 will expand to 4-lane divided from Windmill Farms Blvd to Hwy 205, 12-ft wide inside lane plus 14-ft outside shared access lane, with curbs and 5-ft wide sidewalk the entire length of project. 40-ft median could accommodate 2 future lanes.
    Closed drainage and storm sewer will exist for the entire limit of project. Project cost estimated $123 million.
    Will need 63 acres of new ROW (right-of-way) and 8 acres for drainage.
    Environmental: 0.05 acres of wetland will be impacted, 2.8 acres of forest and 5.6 acres of riparian vegetation. Archeological studies were acceptable.
    Noise studies were done, abatement measures were found to be reasonable.
    Results indicate no significant environmental impact.
    Timelines: Segment 1: construction to begin in 2023, open to traffic in 2025.
    Segment 2: no schedule because it's unfunded.
    Mr. Robert Kennedy addressed concerns about access to Mustang Creek Community Church.
    Mr. Tom Washburn expressed concern about crossing the median near the 205 area, he suggested not having the median raised. The road is already close to homes there.

Tuesday, 2019, May 28