P&Z is pitched a new development near Lovers & 740

During its regular June 06, 2019 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and in summary: approved Caliber Collision, did not approve Forney Fence request, heard proposal for new development.

  • Approved a preliminary plat for Caliber Collision, located northeast of the intersection of Broad Street and Regal Street.
        Mr. Morgan said there is 2.01 acre lot plus a 10.22 undeveloped. Staff recommends approval.
        Mr. Cunningham asked if item was before them before - Mr. Morgan said CUP was, which will be addressed in site plan item.
  • Approved a final plat for Caliber Collision, located northeast of the intersection of Broad Street and Regal Street.
        Mr. Morgan said this is just 2 acres, staff recommends approval.
  • Approved 6-1 (Traylor nay) a site plan for Caliber Collision, located northeast of the intersection of Broad Street and Regal Street.
        Mr. Morgan said use is major auto repair, allowed by right, previously commission considered a CUP. At the time, staff believed outdoor storage of vehicles and air compressors required CUP. After that was denied, applicant met with city attorney and manager, it was determined CUP not required if chain-link around compressors was revised. Applicant agreed to revision. Mr. Morgan suggested commission could hold executive session with city attorney.
        Ms. Holler asked if there was just one gate - there are two. Mr. Traylor asked about screening - Mr. Morgan said will probably be able to see vehicles, it's not opaque. Mr. Shimkus asked if there was screening on east - Mr. Morgan said it is shown on site plan, as was discussed for the CUP.
  • Tabled a revised site plan for Forney Fence, located north of U.S. Highway 80 and west of Mustang Boulevard.
        Mr. Morgan request is to add two covered awnings, 4,930 sq. ft., applicant is requesting materials variance. The awnings are 16-18 ft high, 50 ft wide, located at rear of building. Chmn. Wilcoxson asked what usage is - storage, staging area for loading trucks. Mr. Wilkins asked if building visible from 80 - Mr. Morgan said there is a screening fence, but will be visible due to height. Mr. Wilkins says they made allowances for main building originally, which did not end up looking like what was approved. Mr. Morgan believes it may have differed slightly, this was when city was using Bureau Veritas who inspected and approved it. Ms. Holler asked if generally require masonry, these are 100% metal, not connected to main building, so this is like a large carport - Mr. Morgan said it would be similar, sides have opening at the bottom. Mr. Shimkus asked why not build a building behind the current building - applicant said they load customers there, not really an option; has an 8ft fence, from the highway, will only see the top. There is not way to use masonry, nothing on bottom to support it, because of flood plain. There was discussion about possible flooding, applicant believed it was not likely. Ms. Holler asked if allow similar structures for residential - Mr. Morgan said would have to be masonry or match the main structure.
        Motion to deny was approved.
        After denial, applicant said it was design was by the city engineer. Mr. Morgan said he will discuss with engineer. Mr. Thatcher said commission could reconsider the item, could table it to receive more information, or stand by motion and applicant could appeal to council.
        Motion to reconsider was approved. Then a motion to table was approved.
        Mr. Shimkus asked if city engineer said could be built this way - Mr. Morgan said he would confirm. Applicant said his engineer couldn't be here.
  • Approved a preliminary plat for the Forney Mustang Creek Lift Station, consisting of 2 acres of land out of the Martha Music Survey, Abstract No. 312.
        Mr. Morgan said this is in Grayhawk, S.E. corner, this will take 3 lots from subdivision Phase 4. City will be helping with maintenance, but ownership is by NTMWD. Chmn. Wilcoxson asked if there was a lift station on 1641 near Gateway - Mr. Morgan wasn't sure.
  • Approved a final plat for the Forney Mustang Creek Lift Station, consisting of 2 acres of land out of the Martha Music Survey, Abstract No. 312.
  • Approved a site plan for the Forney Mustang Creek Lift Station.
        Mr. Morgan said includes electrical & pump buildings and a generator, does meet masonry standards.
  • Discuss future zoning for property located northeast of the Clements Drive and N. F.M. 740 intersection. The property is currently zoned SF-20.
        Mr. Morgan said potential developer wants to consider lowering zoning. A presentation was shown - Mr. Trey Wallette said Skorburg has been around since 80's, considering 75 acres along Ridgecrest (note: referrals to Ridgecrest really mean FM 740, as Ridgecrest does not continue past Pinson) from detention pond to Barnyard Gate daycare. They did Stone Creek in Rockwall. About 55 acres are developable, 20 acres could be donated to city. Plan shows walking trails and playground. Minimum lots 12,000, large lots instead of amenity center. They designed around country lane paving standards, which recently removed by city. They don't plan to have on-street parking, have large J driveways. Dalview estates is an example of streets with no curbs and open swales/culverts. In Wylie they did a project with 450 lots.
        Mr. Cunningham asked about flood plain in the proposed 20 acres - Mr. Morgan said part of it is in flood plain. Mr. Wallette said about 5% slope, so will be retaining walls. Mr. Morgan said park board might not accept the proposal. Mr. Shimkus mentioned property owned by the school district nearby. Mr. Morgan said they need guidance, lowering from SF 20, and comp plan shows neighborhood retail. Mr. Traylor said traffic there is a nightmare, retail would not be better. He asked about home prices - 300-400 k. Mr. Wallette said a big question is the paving options, if a variance could be considered. Mr. Shimkus asked if HOA community - yes, HOA would be liable for maintaining culverts and drainage. Mr. Wilkins asked if plans to widen Ridgecrest - nothing short term, but hope so, will check with TxDOT. There would be a 13 ft greenspace buffer - Mr. Wallette said sewer easement there, so will be wider than that, maybe 30 ft. Applicant said they will obtain ROW. Mr. Traylor is concerned about traffic, ok w/ paving. Mr. Wilcoxson sees no issues. Mr. Shimkus is ok w/ culverts and paving.
  • Mr. Morgan said July meeting is moved to Monday July 8.
  • Adjourned at 1919.
Thursday, 2019, June 6