P&Z considers Breweries and carports - yes and no.

During its regular July 08, 2019 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and in summary:

  • Approved a revised site plan for Forney Fence, located north of U.S. Highway 80 and west of Mustang Boulevard.
        Mr. Morgan said the request is for 2 awnings, completely metal which requires variance.  On June 6 item was tabled so city engineer could provide more information, plus applicant has slide show to present.  Mr. Hornisher, civil engineer, said Awnings are 400 ft from frontage road and behind a screening fence, not very visible from road, and the main building is metal.  The request is about function - bottom 5 ft. must be open due to flood plain.  Mr. Cunningham asked if this is why item was tabled, or due to material.  Building owner said partly because must be built that way, and because no foundation for stone.  Mr. Zook said there are ledges that could be used to provide foundation, do want to keep structures out of flood plain by 2ft.  Mr. Hornisher said having CMU wall would not be feasible - Mr. Zook said wouldn't advise a wall, could provide support for columns, as do for bridges, but isn't what he would do.  Ms. Holler asked who needs the gap - Mr. Zook said that's what FEMA would want to see.
        Ms. Holler said it wasn't logical to be masonry, moved to approve.
  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved the Mustang Platinum final plat, being a replat of lots 66 through 69 of the Mustang Industrial Park final plat.
          Mr. Dixon said the request was to add a fire lane to service the second building.
          Mr. Chambers asked if this had already been approved - yes, but this is a replat for fire lane, and utility easements.
          There was no public input.
    • Approved a replat of the C-Life Church Addition final plat.
          Mr. Dixon said this is to abandon old and establish new fire lane, one lot on 16 acres.
          There was no public input.
    • Approved an Ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance by amending the definition and use classification for a Brewery.
          Mr. Morgan said request was made by Shaun Myers, ordinance does not currently allow a tap room.  Staff recommends approval of ordinance consistent with TABC rules.  This will allow tap room and sales, and open approval in other non-residential (currently just LI) zones by CUP (Conditional Use Permit).
          Ms. Holler asked if requests for CUP are advertised for public hearing - yes.  Mr. Cunningham verified LI is only zone this is currently permitted by right - yes.
          There was no public input.
    • Denied an Ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance to allow for the placement of metal carports within the front yard of a residential lot.
          Mr. Morgan said this was requested by Mayor Penn, currently carports may not be in front of main structure, except possibly in PDs.  Also require similar construction to main building, which usually means masonry.  This would allow carports inside front setback (but not street setback, usually 25 ft), and allow metal materials.  Based on conversations with residents, staff recommends denial.
          Mr. Tom Conklin said this is controversial item - he moved here in 1994.  In some (mobile home) areas carports are allowed.  In Summerhaven a new carport was installed, very close to road, no one said a word.  A garage for a mobile home is a carport.  City ordinance 3.04 re: mobile homes, doesn't mention carports.  He was told everyone in the city has to obey the ordinances.  He showed a picture of his mobile home, a triple-wide, he wants to add a carport.  He was told would need a concrete driveway on his property.  Mr. Morgan said he would provide applicant with a copy of the zoning ordinance, section 40.
          Ms. Holler asked what procedure was when find something built without permit; Mr. Morgan said they issue citation and tell them must remove it.  They have more inspectors now, so finding more instances.  They don't notice everything, but if get complaints will investigate.  Mr. Cunningham asked if mobile home parks zoning have setback issues; Mr. Morgan said both Park Creek and Summerhaven have huge issues: years ago got rezoned into SF in attempt to force changes when trailers move out.  But state and federal laws allow replacing a trailer.  When staff get permit requests, must apply the zoning rules.  Mr. Conklin was informed about applying for a variance, and did not want to pursue.
          Ms. Holler said she is not in favor of having metal construction in front of homes for everyone, but makes sense in mobile home parks.  Mr. Cunningham said this ordinance applies to entire city.  Mr. Morgan said they don't even have a zoning district to apply to just mobile homes.  Staff may look at an overlay district.  The application fee for variance request is $500.

  • Discuss the future use of 38.7202 acres of property located on the east side of S. F.M. 548, within the Trails of Chestnut Meadow Planned Development.
        Mr. Morgan said the developer has changed plans, will not pursue the section across 548.  A new developer proposes changing min lot size of 8,000 sq ft.  Mr. Carter Kendall said the development is mostly built out, except for 191 lots, which will not fit on this land.  If they can average 8k sq. ft. will be able to add 14 lots.  Standards would remain the same, lot widths would be the same.  With the shown plans, average is 8,035 sq ft.
        Mr. Traylor asked what minimum is - 60 ft 8k, which requires 134 ft depth.  Mr. Cunningham asked if they took over this development - Mr. Kendall said Herzog built the current sections, they are under contract to buy the property from the original owners.  They have met with staff several times.  The letter provided to staff states this is a small number of lots for the size of property.  Mr. Cunningham asked if this change would allow them to make more money; Mr. Kendall said it would allow them to make Any money - it would not be feasible to develop without this change.
        Mr. Bingham asks about house size - 1,500 sq ft. to 2,000.  Mr. Chambers asked about cost - about $260k-325k, similar to homes across 548, will be mostly two-story homes.  Mr. Wilcoxson questioned if they wouldn't negotiate land price based on number of lots; they estimated costs, but came back higher due to roads, he doubts they could negotiate a lower price.  They would be allowed 101 lots, but can only fit 75.
        Mr. Chambers asked about subdivision home size - 1500 to 2200.  Mr. Chambers asked if similar to existing - yes, only change would be lot size change.  Ms. Holler asked about amenities - would there be any on this side? No, they would use the ones across the street.  She asked about park land - Mr. Morgan said this section would have to present to park board.  Mr. Chambers asked why not developed - Mr. Morgan said Mr. Herzog said would just stay on the one side of 548.  Ms. Holler said lot size is ok, but should be careful with amenities.  Mr. Kendall said will be part of HOA.
  • Adjourned at 1928.
Monday, 2019, July 8