Council gets recommendations for Booker T, Rep. Bell honors FD guys

During its regular July 16, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Council met and in summary: heard update from Booker T. Washington Alumni Assoc., honored Fire Marshall and Asst. Chief, and Keith Wilkins, moved to pay some bonds early, reduced restrictions on breweries.

  • Booker T. Washington presentation: Ms. Barbara Alexander Thompson spoke, stating she was born in Forney, attended Booker T. school, has been president of Alumni Association since 2006.  Other association members were also present.  She said in 1842 one-room building near cemetery was the beginning of education for Negroes here.  Forney Board of Education moved a 4-room building to the campus.  In 1954 LE Claybon gymnasium included two classrooms and two home-making rooms was built.  The last Booker T. senior graduates were in 1966.  People are interested in history, alumni association has strong ties to the school and Forney.  Bi-annually they have reunions and a parade to commemorate.  Alumni Association has ideas to present regarding the gymnasium.  The only remaining evidence of the school is LE Claybon gymnasium.  Alumni Association recommends demolishing the building, and build a smaller replica, which could be used for meetings and events.  There should be a room for historic information and artifacts.  Forney Bobcats were successful in sports.  If that (new building) isn't possible, they would like a monument and historic marker, plus a marker on the highway showing the address of the monument.  In the history of Forney, Booker T is mentioned, but it's not visible.  They hope to provide funds to help, possibly getting grants, could provide meeting space for seniors.  Each biannual reunion they provide scholarships to students.
        Mayor Penn said she's been in the parade, and drew a portrait of Claybons.  City is working on a committee for Hall of Honor, Mr. Myers has suggested having a library there.
  • Presentation by State Representative Keith Bell to Forney Fire Marshal John Holcomb and Assistant Fire Chief Phillip Pyle.
  • Recognition of Keith Wilkins for his years of service and dedication to the City of Forney
  • Public Comment - none.
  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a Resolution awarding a contract to Anderson Asphalt & Concrete Paving LLC, for approximately 67,100 square feet Mill & Overlay (M&O) services, and related activities.

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a replat of the C-Life Church Addition final plat.
          Mr. Morgan explained they want to add second building, this will establish easements for second building, such as fire lane.  P&Z approved the request.
          There was no public input.
    • Approved the Mustang Platinum final plat, being a replat of lots 66 through 69 of the Mustang Industrial Park final plat.
          Mr. Morgan said 400 E Hwy 80, also expanding to second building, approved by council before.  This will change 4 lots to 2 lots, P&Z approved.  Mr. Thomas asked how this ties in to prior approval: Mr. Morgan said it's required for them to get a permit.
          There was no public input.
    • Approved an Ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance by amending the definition and use classification for a Brewery.
          Mr. Morgan said current ordinance regulates the use, prohibits tap room or sales.  This will change to follow TABC regulations which allow both.  This also changes areas allowed - would remain in LI, but allow CUP in non-residential districts.  P&Z approved, were in favor of matching TABC rules.  Mr. Thomas said TABC just changed rules that take effect Sep. 1.  Mr. Thatcher said brewery license is for manufacturing for wholesale distribution to retailers, secondarily allows for onsite consumption; state legislature opened up rules for beer-to-go.  Nothing in this ordinance that would restrict that, so no changes required.  Audience member Patricia Johnson asked where brewery was going - Mr. Morgan said not one planned, if a request came in, nearby residents would be notified.  Mr. Moon said the citizens have P&Z and city council to keep these away from day-cares and schools.
          There was no public input.

  • Vision 2025 -- Goals and Initiatives - Mr. Carson said nothing to report.
  • Approved all matters incident and related to providing for the redemption of certain outstanding bonds of the City, including the adoption of a resolution pertaining thereto.
        Ms. Woodham said this relates to 2008 pass-through, Forney is eligible for maximum payment due to high traffic.  Using $2 million of that for early redemption will save $528K; overall have saved over $7 million doing early redemptions.
  • Approved a revised site plan for Forney Fence, located north of U.S. Highway 80 and west of Mustang Boulevard.
        Mr. Morgan said this is to add two covered awnings, each 4,930 sq ft.  Does require alt material request, for metal instead of masonry.  P&Z initially hesitated, tabled item in June.  In July they talked with city engineer, can't be enclosed structure due to flood plain.  P&Z doesn't like to grant variances, but main structure has metal panels, so this is similar material.  Mr. Myers asked if going with same color - yes.
  • Approved a Resolution approving a Sewer Agreement with South Forney, LLC for reimbursement of certain costs related to the design and construction of sanitary sewer facilities in the eastern part of the City of Forney.
        Mr. Thatcher said council has an agreement, this is not part of TIRZ, city wants to help make that land more shovel-ready.  This would encumber a maximum of $4million, over that would be borne by developer.  Mayor Penn said this is a good thing, Mr. Myers agreed.
  • a Resolution approving a Joint Participation Agreement for Design and Construction of Whaley Drive with South Forney, LLC for reimbursement of design and construction costs for Whaley Drive and related storm water drainage facilities.
        Mr. Thatcher said similar to prev item, same developers, project has been completed, originally was to be participation by the city as is serves new fire station.  This memorializes that understanding and the city's 1/2 cost is $427,877.  Mayor Penn asked if the money was already in budget - yes.  Ms. Woodham said funds coming from CIP balance.
  • Approved an Ordinance amending the FY 2018-19 Budget to transfer $105,000 from the CIP Fund balance to establish project #190 for the construction of a parking lot adjacent to the Kaufman County Sub-Courthouse.
        Ms. Woodham said FEDC is participating w/ $45k + $17k.  Mayor Penn asked if enough funds; Mr. Zook said yes, county covering other costs.  Mr. Johnson said been hitting CIP funds, are taking away from any other projects? Ms. Woodham said have been adding funds in that aren't allocated.  Mr. Myers asked about both concrete and asphalt - Mr. Zook said concrete is for drainage and sidewalk.
  • Tabled an Ordinance amending the FY 2018-19 Budget to transfer $50,000 from the Utility CIP Fund balance to establish project #189 for the construction of a garage facility for Public Works.
  • Approved an Ordinance amending the FY 2018-19 Budget to transfer $50,000 from the CIP Fund balance to establish project #191 for the construction of a parking lot for Community Development.
        Ms. Woodham said this is just to transfer the funds.  Mr. Johnson said would have been nice to show where it will be.
  • Approved authorizing the the purchase of laptops and docks (MDT) for Public Safety and City vehicles.
        Mr. Niel Cardwell said it's exciting to talk about buying laptops, but most of them are 8 years old.  This would replace for all PD & FD + 3 for inspectors, includes installation and 5 year warranty.  Mayor Penn asked if better to have an ipad - Mr. Cardwell said ipads not usually robust enough for vehicle use.  Mr. Johnson asked what quantity discount was - about $5k.  Mr. Myers asked about inspectors - they want to be able to remove from car, and use in office with docks.  They all use cellular communication.
  • Made board and commission appointments.
        Animal Shelter Advisory committee - at last meeting they appointed Dr. Nix, who is resigning from practice and moving away.  Position must be filled by a licensed local veterinarian, Dr. Brewer at Stonebrook agreed to serve.  Appointed Dr. Brewer and Flower Truett.
        For EDC: appointed Jason Robertson.

  • City Manager's report - July 18 public meeting for redbud drive here at 6 pm.  Construction should be complete by end of year.  Mayor Penn asked about rebar sticking out of street - Ms. McQuiston said has been cut and capped along Heritage Hill.  Mr. Johnson asked about elevated storage tank - Ms. McQuiston said in August, will be rising the tower up, 60 days later should be operational.  W. Broad St sewer? Ms. McQuiston said about 600 ft in the ground, complete in 3 weeks.  Mr. Myers asked about street sign in Fox Hollow.  Ms Powers thanked Ms Thompson for the presentation, her mom attended Booker T, is rich history there.  Mr. Moon said been talking about that for a while, his dad used to walk to school w / John Wiley Price; Cooper also thanked them.  Mr. Johnson said they need to know what community wants to proceed, his school was demolished for a parking lot.  Mayor Penn talked about reunions, council is working together to get things done.
  • Council Comments -
  • Held a 50-minute executive session re:
    • PUC Docket No. 46662; SOAH Docket No. 473-17-4964.WS – Petition of the Cities of Garland, Mesquite, Plano and Richardson Appealing the Decision by North Texas Municipal Water District Affecting Wholesale Water Rates.
    • PUC Docket No. 47814; SOAH Docket No. 476-18-1344.WS - Petition of High Point Water Supply Corporation, Talty Special Utility District, and Markout Water Supply Corporation Appealing the Decision by the City of Forney Affecting Wholesale Water Rates.
    • Police Chief

  • Took no action
  • Adjourned at 2030.
Tuesday, 2019, July 16