Forney City Council

City Council tables action on Whaley tract / Wynne-Jackson

Forney City Council Mar. 21 view a park proposal, approved incentives for Eno's Pizza, tabled any action on the Whaley tract AKA Wynne-Jackson development.

Council approves indoor gun range, alcohol sales at Eno's

Forney City Council Mar. 07 approves CUP for indoor gun range, distance waiver for alcohol sales at the coming Eno's, took no action on the Whaley (Wynne-Jackson) tract.

Council recognizes Officers and Ms. Carroll

City Council recognized Officers Klosterman and Inmom for their heroic actions, and Ms. Roberta Mae Carroll.

City Council considers Road Agreement with County

Feb. 02, 2017 meeting considers interlocal road agreement with county; wrecker service; FEDC board appointment; High Point Water contract.

Council approves Racetrac site plan, CWD rate adjustment

The Forney City Council Jan. 17, 2017 approved plans for RaceTrac at FM 548 & FM 1641, approved rate increase for CDW

Council OK's indoor gun ranges and new self-store facility

City Council Jan 10 approved allowing indoor gun ranges, narrowly approved new self-storage facility, got a wide-ranging project update.

City to help fund parking, buy land, work with Markout WSC

City Council Dec. 06 2016 approves funding part of Forney EDC downtown parking project along with a traffic study, an MOU with Wynne-Jackson, purchase of land on Pinson Rd, and an agreement with Markout Water.

City Council approves Careflite agreement for residents

On Nov. 15 Council heard an update on Hwy 80 (a.k.a. The East Corridor Project) plans, approved a Coserve Gas franchise, and approved an agreement for Careflite service for city residents.

City Council moves forward with smaller ETJ annexation planning, sewer upgrades

City Council Nov. 01 meeting reduces the ETJ area considered for annexation, approves funds for sewer upgrades.

City Council moves forward with ETJ annexation planning, insurance contrib's for retirees

Forney City Council proclaims Rick Barnes day; approves variance for Bubble & Squeak; determines retiree insurance benefits contributions; approves modified ETJ annexation plan after residents' input; approved incentive for Hampton Inn.


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